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Desktop Fab, Basic Machining and CNC

Desktop fabrication, as discussed in Gersenfeld’s book (Fab: The Coming Revolution on your desktop), and the related Fab Labs pretty much stick to the new small devices – laser cutters, small CNC routers, etc. However manufacturing has long used computers for fabrication on larger machines. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) has been around for a few decades, with Numeric Control predating ... Read More »

Google Fiber for Maui – Digital Fabrication, Fab Lab, Physical Computing, Hackerspaces

Here is some preliminary prose I wrote for the Google Fiber For Maui initiative. It could also be considered the seeds of a business plan for Maui Makers. The benefits of broadband are not limited to online experiences. Digital fabrication and physical computing are two areas that draw on internet connections, especially when combined with social interaction and education. Digital ... Read More »

What is Maui Makers?

Since I’m starting to leak the existence of Maui Makers, I guess I should post something on the vision. I have spent 30+years doing software development in various bleeding edge industries. First UNIX, then computer animation, then cdrom/multimedia, virtual reality, military C4I, location based entertainment, augmented reality, etc. I’ve tried to apply the Software Engineering I learned in school, although ... Read More »

Maui Makers begins

Ok, I’ve got the house and now a web home. Plan to be moved into house by August, web site is now in process. More soon. Read More »

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