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Videos about Hackerspaces and FabLabs

I ran across a couple good videos on other hackerspaces and FabLabs recently and thought it would be good to collect a few of them them for reference.  It may take a while to watch em all so pace yourself.

Hackerspace Videos:

Good Basic Background on what is a hackerspace:

Bre Pretis interviewed about starting NYC Resistor:

Austrialian Hackerspace (Previously blogged here):

Tokyo Hackerspace Open House:

VIMBY on Chicago Pumping Station One

VIMBY on Hive 76 Philadelphia:

FabLab Videos:

The original 2006 TED talk by Neil Gershenfeld:

A Shift: a documentary on FabLab in The Netherlands

The Fab Lab at Lorain County Community College in Ohio

Fab Lab Manchester UK

2010 APMM Talk by Neil Greshfeld (4 parts)

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Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.

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