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Laser etching photos on wood

Laurel in color

Continuing my experiments with the Epilog Helix laser cutter, today I decided to try some photographs. I found some old black and white pictures I had scanned, and a couple recent digital snaps. I tweaked the B&W photos in PhotoShop to adjust colors, levels, etc. For reasons I dont quite understand yet, the B&W pictures did not transfer into Corel ... Read More »

Playing with the Laser Cutter

Calipers from Thingiverse #782

I’ve been experimenting with the Epilog Helix 24 the last week or so.  I picked up several new types of wood, including some 1/8, 5mm and 1/4″ plywood.  My flooring vendor also gave me a whole bunch of samples/discards.  I also acquired a few narrow pieces of pine (?) when my wife ran a cheap cutting board through the dishwasher. ... Read More »

Free live online class on Arduino and Processing

O’Reilly and Creative Live are offering a 5 week (one session/wk) class “Processing and Arduino in Tandem: Creating Your Own Digital Art Tools” .  The class is free if you can make it to the live version – tuesdays starting Aug 31 at 3pm PST (Noon Hawaii time).  The O’Reilly description says you dont need programming or electronics experience, although you ... Read More »

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