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Ten people at First Maui Maker Meeting

Ten people at First Maui Maker Meeting

We had a meetup at Ben’s house yesterday (Sept 16, 2010) – our first real Maui Maker specific meetup!  There were 10 people there (not counting Ben’s two boys and visitor).  Ben and Hiro provided pizza and fish tacos, and drinks.  The meeting started about 7:30pm and the last of us left at about 11:45pm – sorry it was so late Ben/Hiro!

First Maui Makers Meeting: L2R Jerry I (me), JerryB, BrianT, ColeS, Dave, Wayne,BenW, Garret, Crystal, and Hiro

We had a lot of good round table discussion as well as introductions.  It was very encouraging to see all the people with enthusiasm for the space.  We are working on getting the biz aspects established and looking at physical spaces.  There are a few different spaces available at Hali’imaile in the Maui Land and Pineapple Co buildings.  Some are huge quonset huts, some open sheds and perhaps a few smaller closed office type space.  The range offers options for expansion if/when we grow and/or need larger project spaces.  We dont yet know what the ML&P folks think but we’re pursuing it from several angles.   Stay Toon’d!

About Jerry

Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.


  1. Hey, I heard about this from Cole S and am interested in becoming involved. Please let me know when the next meeting is. Mahalo, Megan

  2. nice work, Jerry!
    i cannot wait to see the space first hand. We’ll keep blogging for you from this side.

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