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MauiMaker Update Aug25 2011

Oops. Its been over a month since I posted here. Our makers have been busy, just not posting here. Most of the activity has been over on the GoogleGroup, with a smattering of updates to the Flickr Sites (Jerry’s, and MauiMaker) and Picasa albums. I signed up on Google Plus and its been a busy there too. I like it better than Facebook.

We’ve had a whole lotta busy meetings with a fair number of new faces showing off a number of good projects. Check the above links to see pics. There were a couple googlegroup posts about the meetings.

Our Aug 4th meeting turned into a cool show-your-hack night. Ben Ward brought down his rear projection multi-touch table. It uses a set of IR-LED/senors around the rim and a Windows machine. He has it setup with a DJ application which we all had fun playing with it. Ziz (who recently joined us) brought in a guitar to which he has wired an rgb LED. The color depends on which frets are touched by strings. Very cool hack! There is a video of it in my flickr set:

[slickr-flickr tag=”meeting080411″ descriptions=”on” flickr_link=”on” sort=”title” use_key=”y” ]

We held our first Laser Cutter Orientation Class for members. Brian Thomas, Chris Taylor, Kim Haueisen and Crystal Jean Baranyk attended. Pics from the class are on Flickr
[slickr-flickr tag=”LaserClass” descriptions=”on” flickr_link=”on” sort=”title” use_key=”y” ]

My birthday was a week or so ago, and my wife gave me an Eggbot from Evil Mad Science. This is basically a pen plotter for small round(ish) objects like eggs. I built it during one of the maker meetings and got a few test prints done. I was able to do a few more later at home and then took it to a fundraiser for Jungle To Jungle. I was able to sell about a half dozen eggs for $2 each to raise money for the program.

[slickr-flickr tag=”Eggbot” descriptions=”on” flickr_link=”on” sort=”title” use_key=”y” ]

Hopefully we will get posts here more regularly. Meanwhile, subscribe to our google group

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Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.

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