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GGHC Rewards arrived (Updated)

GGHC Rewards arrived (Updated)

Well its been a while, but we are receiving the promised rewards for participating in the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge (GGHC). You might recall all participating hackerspaces were going to get a license to CADSoft Eagle (electronic design/layout software), 10 solder stations, 10 lead cutters and 10 rolls of solder wick. There had been little progress reported on the GGHC mail list. Every couple weeks someone would popup and ask “Where’s the Stuff?”. Lots of folks would chime in “Yeah, nothing here yet.” The folks at Agent Silverfox who ran the competition for Element-14 said they were working on it but getting frustrated with Element-14.

Back on July 27th, we received a box containing one (rather nice) lead cutter and one 5′ roll of solder wick:

Lead Cutter and Solder Wick

Chatter continued on the GGHC list, with people getting more frustrated. Psy Tek of AlphaOne Labs posted that he had spoken with Ed of CadSoft and Ed was making good, sending out license infos. I sent Ed an email with our info and hoped for the best.

On August 24th, Mark Sanders, the lead at Agent Silverfox, posted to the GGHC mail list that their lawyers were telling them to shut down the list. They had been having increasing difficulties with Element-14 and were severing business relations. Oh No!! I cross posted that email to the discussion list. It got a fair bit of public response and suddenly Sabrina Deitch of E-14 (aka Newark) popped up to say she was working hard to get things sorted out. Maybe it would happen.

Well, the license for Eagle arrived on Aug 25th as an email attachment. Anyone interested in using this, please contact me, Jerry Isdale. I’m not sure how much use it is going to get in my hands with all the projects piled up.

Then on Aug 31, I got a box with 10 Lead Cutters and 10 solder wicks. These are now in residence at our Pu’unene container for use on projects. We need to figure what other tools are needed in quantity like this for classes. Some needle nose pliers and pana-vise jr for holding boards. (Note: MakerShed had a promo on the Panavise with crank. I snagged two, one for the container, one for my workbench. They are really nice.)

PanaVise Jr with Maker inspired crank wheel

On Sept 2, I got a notice that Element-14 had received an order for our ‘prizes’: 9 Weller WLC 100 hobbist solder stations. The email said the order was received and a followup would give shipping information. The 9, instead of 10, made me curious/concerned, so I emailed our Element-14 contact. She said there was one soldering station that had shipped already and this was the remainder. Hmmm, ok.

Weller WSM 1C Box

Then on Friday Sept 9, I got a rather large box from UPS. Opening it revealed a smaller box labeled Weller WSM1C Rechargeable Soldering Station. A rechargeable? This one of those funky battery soldering wands? No – its a full up digital soldering station:

Weller WSM1C solder station unboxed

Hmm. Looking this up I was shocked! The station is carried by a number of sites and is highly rated. Checking the Element-14 page shows this is a $450.00 soldering station! Wow. Thats an expensive soldering station. My personal station is an Aoyue from Sparkfun and cost about $100.

The remaining soldering irons have not arrived, or been shipped from what I gather. Hopefully we will see them soon. I’d like to have some soldering classes for members.

Update 9/17/2011

The remaining soldering irons arrived on Sept 17th. ¬†Nine Weller WLC-100s with extra tips….

Nine Weller WLC-100 soldering stations

We also got 14 copies of the Eagle 5.0 manual and 28 copies of the tutorial. Here’s a pic of our full spread…

GGHC Rewards at Maui Makers

And here’s the full Flickr set:

[slickr-flickr tag="GGHCRewards" descriptions="on" flickr_link="on" sort="title" use_key="y" ]

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Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.

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