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LED Making Partay! Making LED Stuff In Support Of Art=Mixx Maui

LED Making Partay! Making LED Stuff In Support Of Art=Mixx Maui

Wednesday March 27th  11a-2p and Thursday 5:30p-til we’r done! (during the weekly meeting and open to the public) March 28th at our Maker Space in Puʻunene.

The Maui Makers have been invited to participate in the Art=Mixx Maui by creating LED stuff to wear or hold.  Art=Mixx organizer Gabe Mott (Colorbox) says, “Art=MiXX The Forest is going to go over the top. Please come dressed as a forest creature… that includes insects… in fact being as creative as you are in includes… well?”

At past LED making occasions makers have create such things as LED clothing, LED headbands, LED bracelets, LED toys, etc.  We will find ourselves sewing and soldering with some light programming.  If you need help with one ov these aspects, I’m sure someone can teach you and vice versa be ready to receive your help and input.  Most materials can be found locally with a couple exceptions like LEDs, battery holders and Adafruit Strips which may be found in the space and available for purchase.

After these two maker space days please attend Art=Mixx Maui this Saturday March 30th at the MACC while sporting your new creations…but it’s a secret…shhh!!!! That secret will be disclosed at these LED events.  If you are interested in participating at the Art=Mixx with your LED creation, please contact Cadence Feeley via Facebook.  She will also be at these meetings with music to give you the jungle vibe for the show.  

If you can not make either of the maker activity times, come to Art=Mixx Maui anyway! It is a FREE EVENT (21+yo only) and the last few have been raved about.

About Jerry

Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.


  1. Aloha Jerry,

    Please email, need some data or pass 100% to you the ball, for a presentation, your other younger West Maui Representative Party was a bit Young & I felt a little more aggressive then sensitive, ok, got to the point fast, for Maui Makers, to represent the community, schools, esp. “Lahainaluna-Blackies has a scholarship there” Children to Adults, of West Maui, to Sara, of Blackies Machine Shop, again, sadly, Blackie recently passed away & I sent her a couple of condolence communications, Brett neighbor told me about you all, so I in advance, I stepped ahead, sorry, after hearing of your loss of a location, suggested maybe dedicate, to a Blackie, a Memorial, a West Maui tribute & a Maui Makers Location West Maui Location, his machine shop, IN HIS NAME…???

    Sara sent me an email back today requesting that I contact her for discussions…

    I hope I did not step to forward for you all s….

    I could use a black smith shoppe myself, rent a condo, no grarage, shoppe, lab, minor stuff, 1800′s-1920/30′s USA rejected, used by Germany WWII, but system used saltwater vs. fresh water, power power power vs. what it did, & slight trillions of trillions of gallons of fresh water exhaust & I need to make L.E.D. devices, have buddy orders already & my 1st test, buddy, tested, of the deep seas fishing duck called, 1 tasty mahi mahi, dang, worked, 1 mahi mahi, off the device late in the day after fishing many miles, even our K & MC fish buoys back side past Lanai Island & the fish buoys were not holding any fish on them, however, just one test and need more testing & tasting, & refinements and such…

    Oh, I need to make my non-lobster trap now, heck Season started 1st Sept. & Neighbor wants to use our family plastic 2 pty. kayak, to set a lobster trap…

    More… Lots more…

    “Kaki’s Catherine’s Dad & Cathy’s Husband,
    Viet Nam War Era Vet 4 yrs. – 3 yrs. overseas, not there…shhhh early computers late 60′s early 70′s…& Blue ink hands…teeheehee…
    Past Maui Reporter
    Past Present 4th Degree Hooker – bowling & golfing & fishing & Maui Rugby Club rookie Hooker-1975-80
    P.S. Maybe Mr. Larry Ellison of Oracle, could use an Unv. L.I.T Lanai Institute of Technology or L.I.I.T Lanai Island Institute of Technology…

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