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Maui Makers on KAOI Radio on 3d Printers

On Saturday Sept 28, 2013, Jerry Isdale, (me) founder of Maui Makers, was a guest on the KAOI Radio talk show “Maui Online”. KAOI broadcasts on 96.7FM and 1110AM. The primary topic of the ~2 hour show was 3D Printing. There were a breaks every 15 min or so – I had not realized how this breaks up a conversation. The off-air conversations were also fun, but not recorded. The show was fun and they want to have me/us back to talk about the whole breadth of Makers.

You can download the show or listen to the MP3s from the Maui Q&A website or listen hear:

About Jerry

Founder of MauiMakers. Previously 30+ yrs as software engineer in bleeding edge tech such as UNIX(1978+), Computer Animation, Multimedia, Virtual Reality, Games, Location Based Entertainment, Military C4I, DARPA Research, etc. Thought FabLab was great new thing, so learned machine shop tech and moved to Maui to start one.

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