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About Maui Makers

Maui Makers is a maker space on the island of Maui – i.e. we provide tools, space, instruction and community to support the making of things.

Our online presence consists of this blog,  a google group for email discussions, a FaceBook group, a Meetup Group, and a (not very active) twitter account (@MauiMaker). The google  and FaceBook groups are the most active streams. There is also our Flickr stream.  (NOTE: this list may be out of date… see our Forums page for more information)

We generally have open meetings on the first Thursday of the month from 6-9pm. Come visit and see what we are doing. We are also generally open on weekends Noon-5pm, but activity then may be limited to members. Our space is located at 200 Waiehu Beach Rd, Wailuku HI.

Membership information is on this page 

There is an overlap of interests between Maui Makers, the Maui Techies group on TechHui, artists of the Source Interactive Arts Festival, and other groups.

Maui Makers incorporated as a non-profit in 2014 and received its 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. We are still a young organization and have lots of opportunities for people to join and shape our growth. 

Why Join Maui Makers?

A Maker Space provides shared physical resources otherwise unaffordable or unattainable by an individual. It also provides a dynamic workspace with access to collaboration, inspiration & encouragement of others. The idea is similar to “business incubators” or “co-working” spaces, although instead of offering an office space, Maker Spaces provide a group project workshop.

What is a Maker Space?

There are hundreds of related spaces and groups around the world, know variously as a makerspace, Hackerspace, Fab Lab, or TechShop, with various business styles, focus and areas of interest.

The Fab Lab grew from an MIT class “How to make (almost) anything.” and retains an academic focus as it has spread around the world.  Neil Gershenfeld documents the Fab Lab in his book “FAB: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop–From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication“ and articulates it well  in a 2006 TED talk. The US Fab Lab Network (USFLN) is a loose association of these in the USA.  Most Fab Labs are associated with a college, university or an established community organization. A general tenet of a Fab Lab is public access, and public sharing of anything created. That is, it may NOT be a good place to start a proprietary business.

Hackerspaces are a more organically grown approach, created by a group of friends with the idea of a shared workshop/clubhouse.  Makerspace is pretty much the same thing with a possibly easier name for some people to accept. There are as many variations of hackerspace as there are spaces – and there are hundreds around the world. There is a great collection  space design patterns on the wiki.

TechShop is a commercial franchise variation. There are a small number of these in operation, mostly in the San Francisco Bay area. They require a LARGE capital investment with lots of equipment available. Very cool places…but not practical for Maui.

For more on Makers, check out these videos:
Dale Dougherty: We are makers
PBS Newshour: “Can DIY Movement Fix a Crisis in U.S. Science Education?”
and check those in the ‘videos’ category in the right side menu.

Our Space

Maui Makers is working a lease on a space–we need your donations and membership to make this a reality. See the Membership Page.


  1. It looks like you’re doing fun stuff!

    I have a little bit of land in Haiku, near Twin Falls, with electricity, but no water.
    Would that potentially be of interest?
    (I saw you ad on Craigslist.)


  2. Very interesting group… I think I have a project that may be of interest to someone in your group.

    Aloha… Darrell

  3. Stoaked about learning about you guys. I’ll be at the Thursday meeting for sure! You meet any other days or places? I have a ton of ideas for things to make, from kinetic centripetal energy storage for cars, to micro controlled sound integrated lighting for musical instruments. Just need some experts to work out the details :)

  4. Hi, I would love to join a makerspace/hakerspace in Honolulu. I’ve signed up on the HiCapacity mail-list, but from what I can tell they don’t have a shop and are mostly focused with writing code. The reply-all style email system is getting annoying. I’m really looking for a shop with tools like yours. Do you know of anything like that on Oahu? If I have time next time I’m on Maui I’ll try to look you guys up.

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