Thursday , 24 July 2014
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Workbenches from Scrap Wood (mostly)


After last week’s scrap bin project we turned our attention back to outfitting the space. We needed workbenches – and our friend Mike Drescher had kindly brought in a whole bunch of 2x6s he had saved from a deconstructed deck. We decided to start building at our regular Thursday meeting on June 16. Brian T, Brian I, Adam Rosen and ... Read More »

Scrap Box from Scrap Wood


I had a whole lotta scrap wood piled up in my barn, on the lanai, in the garage, and laying out in the yard. Pretty messy. Some of it is good 2xN cutoffs from when the barn or fence was built. Other bits are older 2×4 and plywood from things that I took apart when I moved in. Anyway it ... Read More »

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