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Membership in Maui Makers

Maui Makers is a membership supported organization.
We used to have a fee structure for membership but since we do not pay rent on a space, or have other large, regular expenses at present, we are have terminated the membership payments. I think I have removed the buttons linking to paypal but there might be tidbits around…

For now, if you would would you “Wanna Be A Member” then pop over either our Google Group, FaceBook Group, and/or Meetup Group and join those for event notices.

the rest of this page is what we used to use as our fee structure.

While we have some public events, use of the space for projects, etc. is limited to paid up members.

Liability Waver:
Every member must sign a standard Release of Liability form saying you won’t hold the Space liable if you injure yourself or damage your property while working within the space or with tools and equipment provided by the space.

What does Membership Cost?
There are two levels of paying – Monthly at $30/mo and Yearly for $300.

What does Membership Get you?

Basic membership gets you free access to the space and discounts on any events that charge.
Established members (yearly and monthly members who are well known) get a key to the space so they can use it 24/7.

All members will get a free basic intro to space with a review of equipment available, etc. Most of the equipment at the space is freely available to use at the space. You must provide your own materials – although some may be available for purchase. You may NOT take equipment away from the space. Some equipment requires extra training before use, in particular the MIG Welder and Epilog Laser Cutter. The MIG Welder training is TBD. We are still missing some parts for it.

Basic Laser Cutter training is freely available to all members, and after training members get 1/2 hour of laser cutting time per month (non-accurruing – use it or lose it). The laser is not at the Pu’unene space, so training and use need to be scheduled directly with Jerry Isdale. Additional laser time can be arranged with Jerry directly at discounted rates for paid members.

All right! So how do I sign up?
At present we are only set up to take memberships via PayPal.

Off on the right hand side of all pages, there is a Membership “Subscribe” button. This will take you through the PayPal experience. Please give us contact information too so we know how to get hold of you should the need arise. Be sure to sign up on our Google Group to get updates.

One comment

  1. I have a MIG welder, almost brand new, which I’d be happy to share for a few months, (till you get all the stuff for yours) if you’ll teach me how to use it!!!!
    I got it from a friend who left the Island— Also have an old (Lincoln style) AC/DC 220v big buzz box type welder I’ve not finished setting up yet…but I think its good…I know how to use this one, but don’t have a 220 outlet at this house. Yet.
    Call me or send me an email if this appeals to you; or not, so I know you got this.

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