Wednesday , 25 November 2015
Making News

Pics of the Workshop


Coming along nicely. Pete’s getting the Shapeoko set up and got a good selection of tools available. Read More »

What’s Up?

maui maker space

Lots of exciting happenings at the Makerspace.  We are open noon to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday at 200 Waiehu Beach Road (across the street from Jack in the box). The first Thursday from 6 to 9 pm is also open hours. Other events will be shown on our Google calendar. Drop in and check us out. Members and ... Read More »

Make a forge workshop


Coming up this Thursday, Feb 19. Learn how to make a forge from easily available material to melt metals. This is a build session. Actual testing will be performed at a later date. At the new space 6 to 8 pm. 200 Waiehu Beach Rd Open to members, or wanna be members. Note: we will be building the forge, we ... Read More »

Classes are Back: Vinyl Cutter Valentines and Resin Jewelry


Two upcoming classes:   1. Valentines–the Maker Way Make Valentines and Learn Basics of 2D-design for CNC manufacturing (each class is stand alone, attend one or all): 28-Jan-2014: 6 – 8 p.m. Learn about the difference between printing images on a printer and transforming them to a “path” that can be cut on a CNC machine (aka raster vs vector ... Read More »

Update on the Makerspace


Maui Makers continues our build out. Things are coming along nicely. The picture shows the electrical run in the tool room. It will allow for flexible set up and configuration for optimum use of space. Pete and Wayne have been doing the bulk of the work this last week, with assistance from others. The team will be hitting things pretty ... Read More »

makerspace build out update


Thanks to everyone who contributed this weekend. If you want to help design or build, go to our google group here:!forum/mauimakers Pete Menningen, supported by Cole Santos, have been doing a great job leading the build out. Basic painting in the Build Room and Conference/Class Room. Room lights in and plumbing. Whiteboard and projector screen. Electrical is big item ... Read More »

Makerspace Build Day–Sat Jan 10, 2015 9 AM to 6 PM

chill box

Help us Make Maui’s Makerspace a reality. If you are available, we need the following skill sets: 1) Painting —wear suitable clothes, we have supplies 2) Installing fixtures (electric) —experienced makers only 3) Sorting and inventorying equipment —no experience necessary 4) Building and plan marketing materials and events —bring computers and ideas Note that our lease allows us access solely ... Read More »

Physical Makerspace Under Construction–Jan 2015

maui maker space

January is Make a Makerspace on Maui Most events in January will be focused on getting the Makerspace built out for Feb Grand Opening. The location is 200 Waiehu Beach Rd (some people might know it as the Y Hata building). We still have access to a classroom at St Anthony, so expect to see some of our future activities ... Read More »

Maui Makers has secured a lease–more details soon

Ryan eating one of the backup batteries for his Lilikoi Laser

Check back in 2015 for details. The lease starts in February. The featured image is a throwback to the roots of Maui Makers, showing Ryan eating one of the batteries for the lilikoi laser. What cool things do you want to build in the new space? Post below. Read More »

Rocketry Workshop December 27


Build rockets and launch them. This class has two components. In stage one we will go over the basics of rockets and how they work and then construct rockets from straws and paper. Launching the rockets will be done using the scientific method to see how launch angle and thrust affect the distance flown. Stage two of the event will ... Read More »

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